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Antelope Valley
Kalamata-Ring 1-1st place dry yearling
                  Ring 2-1st place dry yearling
Jinx-Ring 1- 1st place jr. kid
                       Grand Champion
                       Best junior doe in show
                 Ring 2- scratch 
Fergie-Ring 1- 1st place 2yr old 
                          Grand Champion
                          Best doe in show
             Ring 2- 1st place 2yr old
                           Grand Champion 
Heidi- Ring 1- 1st place dry yearling
                          Reserve Champion 
            Ring 2- 2nd place dry yearling
ADGA Nationals 2017 Results:
Claudia- 21st 3 year old
Hera- 18th Yearling Milker
           2nd Place Youth
Kalamata- 11th Dry Yearling
                   2nd place youth
Jinx-2nd Junior Kid
         1st Place Youth
         Premier Youth Junior Champion
Joy- 16th out of 20
Fergie- 10th 2 year old
              1st Place Youth
              Premier Youth Senior Champion
Heidi- 9th Dry Yearling
            1st Place Youth
            Premier Youth Junior Champion
San Diego County Fair 2017 Results:
Claudia- 2nd 3 Year Old
Fondant- 4th 2 Year Old
Hera- 4th Yearling Milker
Hestia- 3rd Dry Yearling
Valero- 7th Dry Yearling
Kalamata- 2nd Dry Yearling
Jinx- 1st Junior Kid
Jupiter- 4th Junior Kid
2nd Best Three
2nd Sr. Get of Sire
Willow- 2nd 4 Year Old
Topaz- 1st 4 Year Old
             Reserve Grand Champion
Fergie- 1st 2 Year Old
             Grand Champion
Flossie- 5th 2 Year Old
Heidi- 1st Dry Yearling
            Junior Grand Champion
Jitterbug- 1st Intermedate Kid
Juniper- 1st Junior Kid
              Junior Reserve Grand Champion
Johanna- 2nd Junior Kid
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