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Meet the Goat Herders​

RJ Acosta, EJ McKinsey, and Gianna Acosta

San Diego County Fair 2017

RJ, Gianna, and EJ have been raising, showing, and breeding goats since 2013. Their herd began with two Saanens and has since grown to over twenty goats of varying breeds. They have gained an avid following on social media due to their winning performances in the ring, likable personalities, and growing collection of adorable kids. 


The Goat Herders have participated in various shows across Southern California and the ADGA National Shows in Wisconsin and Oregon (2015 and 2017), winning a slew of awards everywhere they go.


Through active participation in goat breeding and showing events, they have come to establish a reputation as being hardworking committed, trustworthy, friendly, and exemplary members of the community. 

Elise McKinsey

Elise, better known as EJ, is the owner of Elise Dbl Eagle's Dairy Goats and the reason for her family's growing obsession with goats. 


She is currently in her junior year at Valley Center High School, where she participates in FFA, JV Swim Team, and Varsity Water Polo.


After working with rabbits, dogs, and horses in 4-H for six years she decided to shift her focus to goats—a decision that would change her life forever. By exploring the world of goats, EJ has met dozens of new friends, traveled to exciting places, and, most importantly, found her passion which has allowed her to flourish in every way.

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