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My name is Judith (Jud) Fidellow. 
 I am in charge of the dairy products of Double Eagle Ranch which has been around for 40 years raising horses and then adding dairy goats in Valley Center, CA. In 2012, Elise DBL Eagles was born. 
 My daughter decided she wanted to raise a dairy goat for her 4H project.  We founded Country Kids 4-H and moved from horses to Dairy goats. She started with one Saanen, then added more Saanens, and then LaManchas.  As the herd grew from a 4H project to FFA in High School, the question was what to do with all of the milk?  
We sold to local breeders and families needing milk for rejected kids or puppies.  The milk produced was an impressive amount!  
Last year I decided to make soap then expanded to lotions, lip balm, salve, and body scrub. 
 I am a retired Navy Nurse with a passion to provide quality products for family and friends. 
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Dairy Goat Milk Soap Scents: 





~Country Gentleman





~Oatmeal & Honey

~Stink off

~Cedar Wood






~Salty Sea Grass


~Lavender or unscented

~Lavender Salve can be used on      callous heels, elbows, or cuticle's.

~Bath scrub (lemon poppy seed)

~Lip balm (Orange)


~Bar Soap         $5.00  

~Charcoal Bar $7.00

~Hand Lotion  $7.00

~Salve                $4.00/8.00

~Body Scrub    $7.00 

~Lip Balm         $2.00

~Shampoo Bar   $7.00

~Travel Kit        $15.00

~Gift Pack         $25.00

Shipping 0-25.00

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